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hello im new and got problems


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hello all my name is steven i got a 91 civic hatch im new to the honda game

all i know is that it has crx si seats integra center console and its lowered short shifter cold air intake

stage 2 clutch and now two bent valves i believe not to sure i need some help with it lol bought it for 600 bucks

could use some help from fellow honda peeps neways it has a d16a6 dont know if its a good motor or not lmk what i could do thanx

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well welcome to the forum and feel free to ask questions. You will learn most hondas are really easy to work on.

A d16 is not to shabby, Its not the worst but its not the best. Alot of people will have the same motor as you.

Wikipedia is a awesome source for honda info. I hope we can help with your honda. Got any pics of it?

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bent valves are an easy fix. just replace the heads. is soo easy to do on a honda. if you want to know more about it, and talk to someone that may be able to help you get heads call my friend scott. he has a performance business. 904-868-2423 [evans performance]

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Why replace a head if the head isn't damaged. Valves are easy to replace, if the valve seats are good and there's no holes in the pistons; all you need to replace is valves and valve stem guides.


if hes new to cars in general, that might be too much of a task for just him to accomplish. unless hes lapped valves before, i wouldnt reccoment him doing it himself. usually the guides are still good too, so he may not even need to replace them. it depends on how badly they are bent.

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you could always get the head off and take it down to a machine shop. they will tell you is the head is still good and how much it will cost to put new valves in it. It may be just 2 bent valves, or it could be more like guides. But a machine shop can tell all this after they look over the head.

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