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Window Tinting in San Diego


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Just got my windows tinted at Mr. Tint in Vista (760) 724-8400. Its the 2nd time I've been there and I would highly recommend!! I went with the Premium package, per a HF member recommendation because of its ability to keep the interior from fading. Limo tint on the 3 rear windows and 35% on the front two.



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All looks clean and consistent for such a difference in tints, except for the last pic you can tell.

Probably trying to keep it legal though, right?

What's the interior color?

All black looks very nice, especially on that car.


Maybe some black wheels with polished lip next?

The lip would look real nice since you have that window trim.

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The interior is all black. I paid $230. I know its not the cheapest tint job out there, but like I said I've been there before, I know a ton of people who are happy with their work and its warrantied. I had to take the tint off of my last car's front two windows after getting pulled over, so I'm wary about putting dark tint on the front. Since the inside is all black, it doesn't look bad at all.

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Since the inside is all black, it doesn't look bad at all.



Looks real good.


I'm thinking about tinting my windshield slightly this summer though.

I know there's a UV protectant film I can get but I think for that stuff it's the same price for just the windshield as tint all around (like $200).

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