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Now this is awesome

Rick B.

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you cant even plow with chev 1/4 ton trucks anymore , theycant take it. youl destroy it , bend the frame up and everything. tey dont make them like they used to , lol.

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good. im not going to wait for that yellow car, the guy doesnt come back till thursday and I need a car like yesterday.

so, im looking at a lime green 97 civic hatch with 175k miles on it.


first thing im gonna do is paint it. either black or si blue

then drop it

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How come u need a car all of a sudden?


its too damn cold at night! it gets down to the high 30s where i live at night and then being on a bike with the windchill its below freezing. besides, i want a new project. im so bored. lol


Oh the mere fact that driving a bike in the rain is absolutely pure unbridled FTL.


dude, not to mention being completely soaked, but the water that cars kick up in front of you blinds you by constantly splashing the helmet and until someone invents a windshield wiper for my helmet, ill try to avoid rain whenever possible.


lol. rick do you have a specific body style you want?


i want a 96-00 civic hatch. havent you read my build thread?

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