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Pre-swap Tests??


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I got a wrecked 97 GSR to swap the motor into my civic.

I hooked up a radiator from a Toyota cresida to it so that I could start it. It looks ghetto as hell all wired in but it works.

I started it the other day.

The motor sounds good but I still want to be possitive that there isn't anything wrong that I can fix while the motor is out.

I'm going to do a compression check.

What should the compression be for each cylinder?

Also, are there any other tests that I can perform?


The motor has 150k miles on it already.

Will I need to change the water and oil pump?

Timing belt? Anything else?





Here's a pic of my ghetto-rigged radiator.




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if it runs good. then i would do new timing belt, tensioner, water pump, all new fluids (coolant, & oil change). You could do a clutch kit and flywheel while you have the chance too.

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Yes. I am planning on installing an ACT lightened flywheel and clutch. Is that a good choice for a NA daily driver? Or is there a better setup out there? Also, if I ever do decide to put a light turbo on it, Is there a flywheel / clutch setup that works better with turbo? Or does that not have anything to do with it?

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