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I'm just learning in general about cars engines and how they work. and i was wondering this morning as I was going to school...being in 5th gear at 3500 RPMs and only going 80 kinda sucks...a lot of gas and power lost....so would it be possible to get a 6 speed manual transmission into a del sol? What would need to be done? More outta curiousity then anything but who knows maybe i will win the lottery haha

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Stock in their respective forgein markets, maybe. I don't know for sure. I wouldn't be suprised. They do different things with their Hondas (in other countries) other than going fast in a straight line 1/4 of a mile at a time.


Personally, I would like to see the CVT tranny beefed up for race application, it seems like a good application.

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Well considering the following:


In japan


RSX is Integra which comes with 6 speed

S2000 comes with 6 speed

CTR comes with a 6 speed I would imagine


So...those aren't 6 speed upgrades, that's just how they come.

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It would be really nice to just add a gear to my 5-speed. Somebody who owned my friend's old civic 4-speed added a gear that kept your rpms at 1800 at 85 mph. Stock everything except that... I wonder how he did it?

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