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Is this bad Alignment? Or is the tire scraping Somewhere?

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Hi. Well i got an evo ix with the yokohoma tires. ive been having alot of problems with them. 4 days after buying the car tire popped in the back side. now... i was driving from school one day and i hear something hitting my fender. i stopped to look and seen my tire ripping from the inside. i thought it was a defect and they have been telling me its an alignment in every tire shop. of course it could be, but then again, theyll tell you anything to sell you tires.


So anyway. i Already bought 4 new Falken Azenis tires today and tomorrow i will be doing the alignment. should i take my car to the dealer ship after the alignment or is it REALLY the alignment of the tire that is causing this?


Heres the pics




Theres first pic


Heres the Second Pic




Notice How its a STRAIGHT line.? And the passenger wheel was starting to do the same. Does an alignment make a straight line through the tire? or is this tire or both tires scraping something through the inside?


Need some help. Thanks!!!

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id say alignment. if something was rubbing up against your tire, you should be able to see it, and also feel it when youre driving. but that is a crazy line. just put your tires on and look around to see if anything is close to the tire, or if something will hit when the car goes over a bump

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Everything except that straight line cut in the tire looks like something that would be caused by the car being out of alignment, which shouldn't happen nearly as fast as it did -- didn't you buy that thing this year? I could be wrong but it feels recent that you got that thing. Anyway, perhaps it's slightly out just from hitting potholes and whatnot, or maybe you wanged a curb parking a couple times. Like EH6 says, get the readout of before and after on the alignment and check it against the recommended specs for your car.


Talk to the dealership about that weird line. If it's something at all common they should prolly know about it and what's up with it.


Have you modified the suspension at all?

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Okay well i just bought my new Falken Azenis and had them balanced, alingnent done, and new break pads. car feels better then new. hopefully it dont happen again. Everywhere i went they had said it is the alignment that caused a STRAIGHT line. but then agin they can be sayin that too sell me the alignment. hopefully it dont happen again.


and no i havent done anything to the suspension as of now. Not yet.

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