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what happned to my sig


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my sig dissapeared and when i went to see what happened in my controls, everything for it was gone. did one of the mods delete it? i resised it as asked so i don't see why it would be deleted. someone could have warned me if they had a problem with it.

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[*]Signatures: There are a handful of users who have signatures that are big, or have gotten bigger recently. Please keep your signature within a reasonable size. This keeps the forum cleaner, and makes threads easier to read and search through. This is a heads up to please limit the size of your signatures. Images are allowed, but please keep them within a reasonable size (no 640x480+ please), and try to limit the number of images used and keep the file sizes at a minimum for people with slower Internet connections.

If you need help reducing the size of an image, post your image and a request in the Board Questions, Feedback, Suggestions and Help Forum.

its too big

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