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Pats VS Ravens


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That was nice.


But Brady and Moss are starting to piss me off. Moss ain't catching sh!t, and Brady can't make up his damn mind.


EDIT: Our receivers must have put on some greased gloves tonight. They couldn't hold on to there own kids right now. All I ask is hold onto the damn ball and we'd have had this thing won already.

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yeah they did have it lost, but came back and won it. its funny because on a "bad" game brady still had 250 yards and 2 TDs. theyre not going to blow everyone out, so everytime they dont blow someone out, people think theyre bad. both the ravens and eagles gave it everything they had, and still didnt win

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giants is the last game.


the records really dont matter, if they did, they would play the first half of the season and then decide the rest based on teams records. at the beginning when people played the pats, it was just a game, now like the eagles and ravens say, its like their superbowl. everyone is going to give it their best and then more to beat them

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