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I'm back from vacation!

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I know everyone was probably wondering where I have been. Just to fill you in I just got out of rehab and I'm doing much better now. I just wanted to say hi to everyone that I havent talked to in a while. I'm looking forward to being back on hondaforums and continuing to be a positive influence here. Thanks for everyones support, and with your help we will make honda forums a fun and safe place to be.




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haha, i bet you missed me. lol.


ive been good. moved into a new house. posted a whole thread about it, even a picture tour.



post a link here! I want to see it. I just moved into a new house too. I'm kinda changing everything up right now. I broke up with my girlfriend, moved into a new house, bout a new car ( traded the civic for a 2000 audi a6) and I'm starting new you know how it is. Looking forward to changes.

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