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Cost to replace cat pads, muffler, b-pipe, studs?


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I was just quoted $705 by a Honda dealer to replace my rusted muffler, cat pads, studs, and the b-pipe. The muffler and b-pipe come with a lifetime warranty. Is this price reasonable? I don't do any work on the car myself, and I'm relatively new in town, so I don't know good auto shops. How long does an exhaust system last in gentler climates? I've been in MI recently (salty roads + short trips), car had spent most of its time in CA and a little in CO and NJ. Only 55,000 miles.


Thanks for any advice.

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First of all, what year Civic is it?


To be frank, nothing from a Honda dealer garage is going to be resonable. They are going to charge you TOP dollar all the time, everytime, no matter how simple and easy the labor is. They usually charge upward of 55 or 60 dollars an hour. The fact that your ordering a stock exhaust is really a waste of money too- they're expensive and restrictive. I'm sure you can find a pretty quiet-aftermarket exhaust (that is if you don't want any performance gains or added noise) for less than you'll be buying all the OEM parts for.

As far as "how long an exhaust system lasts" that all depends on how well you take care of your car. Something as simple as spraying the bottom of the car off with a pressure washer a couple times a year can add a lot of "life" to the exhaust. All exhaust systems are is metal piping- if you let salt and crap sit on there, then yea, it's going to eat away at it.


If you are absolutely 100% decided that you are just going to replace everything with stock OEM parts from Honda... it shouldn't take them more than an hour to do that- I've changed my whole exhaust system- to include headers all the way to the muffler in 30 minutes. If they quote you anything over an hour, they're BSing you.


Your better off going here: http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/auto/j...PartsSearch.jsp

See how much each part that you need costs, add it all up, then add $60 labor (what Honda will probably charge you per hour). Then determine if that $705 is legitemate or not.

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I would take it down the street to midas/monroe/tuffy/(whatever you have) They all do free quotes and use generic aftermarket parts but offer lifetime warranties on most items they sell. Even if you don't use them you will at least have a fair comparison offer.

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