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Wiring a push button start into your car.

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This is a really basic setup that I have. I have had it for about a year or so. My ignition switch went out, so I used this as a cheap fix. Cost should be about $5-$10.


First, cut the wire going to ste starter, and splice a new wire into it. In this pic, my wire is green.




Then, run it up through a hole in the firewall. I did mine through this little hole in the firewall by my master cylinder.




Next, put the switch you are using wherever you want it located, and run the wire to it. I put mine right next to the ignition switch, and drilled a hole to mount it in. Mine is a toggle switch, but a push button start is the same idea.....




And you flip up the little red thing to actually get to the switch.




Next, complete the circuit by running another wire from the switch to an empty spot on the fuse box. The switch should have 2 or 3 prongs to connect the wire to, mine has 2. One for the power, and one for the ground. You cant really see it very good in this last pic, but this is the ground going from the switch to the empty spot on the fusebox.







You are done for a basic setup of it. If you wanted, you can get creative and use a relay or whatever to make it only turn on if the key is in the on position. Mine is not like that, but it does not bother me that it is like that, and it is not hurting anything. That means the car will crank over without the key, but it isnt going to start without it.

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I could easily do that too. For that, all you would have to do it cut and extend the wire for your starter, throw an inline switch on it, and mount it wherever you want in your car. there are also quite a bit of other ways to do that. Like a killswitch, fuel pump switch, etc....

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i want to hide my ignition where you put the key in, that would be sweet. or switch it so where you lock the gas door, it actually turns the car on. but yeah a toggle switch that allows the car to start would be awesome

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Wiring a kill switch for the ignition is easy. Just do it like EH6 said. THe way I did it was a little more complicated. I did a plug in that when plugged in would complete the circuit for ignition and fuel pump and without it, none of the circuits were completed. I was also going to wire into the plug some dummy connections in case a thief ever found the plug. The dummy connections would basically be a couple of grounds and a couple of hot wires to the ignition fuse. THis way if they crossed the wrong wires it would blow the ignition fuse under the hood. I never went back to do the dummy connections, but it wouldn't be very hard at all.

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