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found two old pics of my civic

Rick B.

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A couple months before I started posting on the forums when my only mods were a short ram intake, coilovers, and a cheap exhaust



this is when i thought it would have been cool to have an r34 body kit, boy was i wrong. This was also right when i had the gsr swapped in and the exhaust changed out for an aeroturbine system.



and of course this is what it looked like right up until it was jacked


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correction. I stripped out the interior.

the motor was being worked on by a friend of a friend and he jacked it then had my car impounded. the bank ended up not repossessing it and sued me for the cost of the car.


in all reality, i got jacked.




I want to start building another car here within the next couple months. I really cant decide on building an ej6 or a del sol. one minute im down to build the ej6 and then the next i lean more towards the sol. its frustrating. maybe ill build one of each and while im working on one, ill use the other as a dd.


Nice stickers. That must mean it's fast. JP

Love the CF hood. :drool:

And if you're gonna pull the Honda emblem off, you should put a whole new grille in.

Steelies ftw! haha

The car had some balls. i dont know the exact hp, but it was a little above 200 with the mods i had.


hey, i liked my steelies. my rims were stolen.


I didnt care about the grille. i dont care if i look pretty while going fast, i just liked going fast and pissing off a few mustang gts along the way

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-My old 1997 honda civic-

-1995 obd1 GSR engine

-Competition street clutch

-Competition aluminum flywheel

-JDM GSR transmission

-Skunk2 intake manifold

-Skunk2 66mm Race throttle body

-Skunk2 titanium adjustable cam gears

-Skunk2 OBD2 to OBD1 conversion harness

-Skunk2 adjustable coilovers

-P28 ECU upgrade (nicely tuned)

-NGK Type R spark plugs

-AEM cold air intake for 2000 civic SI

-DC civic SI header 4-2-1

-OEM Type R throttle cable with bracket

-Apex VAFC2 vtec controller (vtec set at 4800rpms)



now i ride a 2006 kawasaki ninja 500, its slow as crap compared to other bikes, but ill take a vette off the line.


hes drivin a 2006 ninja now

rickyboo your car looks slammed in that first pic, how much did you lower it?


it was as low as possible without rubbing. i had my coilovers adjusted to the lowest possible setting. the car handled so nicely back then. I had to raise it with the new motor though because the extra weight caused rub. eventually i settled with a 2.5" drop.

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ya, the kicker is that when the whole motor jack repo thing went down, i had a t-60 turbo kit awaiting permanent install.


i had driven it for like a day with boost and it was fun as hell, except for the lag. it didnt hit boost until like 5k. but when it did, wow, you were pressed in your seat.


oh well. Id like to do a similar setup in an ej6 except with a t3/4 turbo.

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