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Help with bogging down


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Alright I did some searches on what it could be but they all say like after the car heats up and everything, My car bogs down in the same place every day. Im about to change m spark plugs but I was wondering if there could be anything else that could be wrong... I drive to school in the morning and when I leave the gas station it bogs down, and when I get home and then leave to go to work about 5 minutes in the drive it bogs down. I tried putting seafoam in there but that diddnt seem to do much. Do yall think maybe its got something to do with the distributor or can just changing the spark plugs do the trick?

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i had the same problep with my oldsmobile...it has to do with your spark it could be the entire distributor, distributer cap, or the coil in the distributer or wires or plugs or if its not a distributer then it is just your coils

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