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So I got a new job as a Audio Video tech. Something I love and have fun doing I took some pics of a few of the house I been working at. I like that this company does work for rich people. Sucks I have to leave when im done cuz I have no problems with staying a few days and living the rich life lol. I run lower voltage wire in new homes (Pre-Wire) or after im done with the wire set up. setup up all A/V units /security cams/inwall speakers/ hanging flat panel tvs. Its not as easy as you think. For the most part all the wires that I run go into panel in the wall where its pretty much the nerve system of all the wires and I have to make my own wires with crimp tools and set up thousand dollar remotes to control everything in the house. Its alot of work but I dont mind the over time at all and its fun.Right now im working in some condos top floor goes for 26 million and Shaq owns one of the top floors out of the 2 towers and also working on a 13 mill house that will be in a magazine in march.Well let me quit typing and post some pics.


Towers im working in now.

Im going to take some pics of the top sweet 2morrow soon to be shaqs get away crib


1.6 million aka her "small house" as she calls it




Game room




Living room-MY WORK


Master bed room more work


More of my work


Almost done




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Working on them is always gayer than being able to live/buy one.


Baller for them, not for the worker.


I hate doing the heating and air on big crap like that.


Nah I like what I do and get paid REALLY good for it and also have fun. I guess when you dont like the job I could understand how you feel. But I love it :) .

as fas ass baller for them and not for me at this pay I can't complain beats the $10.00/hr I was making before I can live happy and not worry about anything.


I couldnt go to the sweet cuz they was working on it but i'll try again 2morrow.


Here his one of the condos someone moved into $1.6 million each.Nice vie of the strip too.


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So for the past week I been busting my ass. I think this is one of the biggest jobs I have had so far. Way to many wires way to many Tv's and way to much programing to make everything work with one control. But I do love the over time pay ALOT lol. Here is a casino I helped set up. I shouldn't be taking pics but o well I got all James Bond on them lol. I might not know alot about cars but A/V is what I do know.



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LOL nah I love my job I been working on electronic stuff since I was 14. Fixing Tv's, VCR's and dvd players for money at that age. Wiring is not the hard part fuking up on one wire and having to tone them out and find the source of the problem is the true nightmare but I take my time so I dont have to deal with it.They started me at 13/hr after my 30 day review (WOOT :happy: 2 more weeks) it goes up to 18/hr but I can get up to 25/hr after I go to some classes.

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