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F$%King BS #2

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Hey wassup guy. So I finaly got the car running. Now the problem im running into is that the car is shuting down on me when im making a turn left or right.It bogs out b4 that happens.I kind of fixed it by making my throttle shorter so the car would not drop in RPM to zero and die.But it still dies here and there on turns (Anyone ever heard of this?) My check engine came on and I put a paper clip to check out the codes. This is what I got.


Codes I Got

7=TPS throttle position sensor

8=TDC top dead centre sensor

9=CYP cylinder sensor

19= Automatic transmission lockup control valve

41 Primary oxygen sensor heater


Code 7 im sure is cuz i changed it so it wouldnt not die on me so much.


Any one know how to fix the other 4 codes?


Hope someone can help.Thanks you, if you do or try.

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i'm gonna go with 8 and 9 like EH6 said. is the car running real rough when the throttle isn't being held like you have it now. if it stalls out or runs like crap then you need to figure out if the dizzy is bad or it the TDC sensor is bad. Personally i wouldn't of messed with the TPS.

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Do you have an auto trans? And how do you know the wiring is right? Its not hard to get acouple wires crossed when wiring it in. If the wiring is right, the dizzy may be bad.


Yeah the car is A/T..I was there and helped rewire the car which was working good b4 my old dizzy fuked up on me. my mech might come out today just trying to get some opinions so i know what to look for when im working on it.I need this car working ASAP since I just got a new job.

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So I was able to clear out the codes after filling up the tranny oil... weird huh.. anyhow everything is clear but now the car just wont turn on.(cranks over but nothing) im getting some smoke from where the header and the catback connect. from what i was told my cat back might be clogged but--- its a straight pipe since i dont have a catalytic converter so im lost. something about the smoke that comes out the back is not reaching it and clogging up the motor. Any one have any info?

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So someone came out and looked at my car and did a diagnostics check and found out im not getting power sent to my injectors. A few of you guys where right as far it being something electrical and not something mechanical.


Any one know how to get power back to them? or should I just rewire the whole thing again? should that fix it or is there more then just re-doing it?



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