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so after all this work...


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my car is still overheating.


i changed everything in the cooling system


-water pump




-raditor cap



lately my car has been spitting out a lot of white smoke. then at times it wont. it also has a weird idleing. it feels like its going to die.


what would be the problem?

i did a pressure test and it came out fine.

so what can i do now?

help me plz

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White smoke..Probably means you have a blown headgasket. From what I hear, it's pretty pricey to get that fixed.




You might try taking your car to a mechanic to get it looked at. So you don't waste more money, and not fix the problem.

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i have a crap load of tools.


i got them from my g-pa when he passed away.


there all craftsman ones too.



im not mechanically inclined either.


i just need help on step to step

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Replacing the headgasket is not as daunting a task as it sounds. Search here or elsewhere on the internet for a step by step. Or conversely you can go pick up a Haynes or Chiltons manual and do a little reading.

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I say go DIY. Ive done a few on all types of engines. All you have to keep in mind is "organization and keeping your workspace open and clean." Look for a good engine rebuild book for "your engine". Do not put damaging force on anything. Id say the hardest part is setting up the timing, but it is straight forward with FI. The first engine you work on, gives you the best feeling when you hear it run without problems. As long as you go by the book and dont take short cuts youll be fine.---Andy (just my 2 cents):ninja:

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