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1991 Hatch / 1995 Integra Front End Conversion ...


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I have a 1991 Hatcback DX ... I've recently come across an entire front end and suspension swap from a 1995 Integra.


I'd like to stick said components on my hatch. As far as the suspension is concerned ... it's no biggie.


It's the front end conversion. None of us have done it before. But I only have $100 in this car and I don't mind messing around. Although I do want it done correctly.


Now with that being said ... I don't want any misconceptions. I am not talking about a backyard tuner. I have a 3 bay garage behind the house and about every tool you can imagine.


What I need are some useful facts and or tips. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a picture of the car as it sit's now.

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