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I am lucky....very lucky.


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well... yesterday I was bored and put a new cv on the rail. It won't break if one person is on it, and you take it semi easily on it. So I bolted a used one up, and drove it around.


I took one of the older (5yrs old) kids my mom babysits, and took him for a ride. He loved it! Kept telling me to go faster and faster, despite his head bouncing and being pressed to the seat when I got on the throttle. He had a blast, and so did I.


I parked it for a bit, then my mom wanted a ride (first time she was ever in it). She didn't like it as much as the little one did.


anyways... I ripped it around for about 15 or so min through my fields and such, doing good good to go easy on it, but then my luck changed.


It was my las pass down the path to my house (before i wanted to park it) , I was on the throttle pretty heavy as usual since it was a pretty straight shot. First....Second gear.... wound it out to 4k, (~50 mph) and held it there till after I got by a little crook in the path, then I'd open it up, and then Third. Something went wrong. I couldn't steer. I panicked, and locked up the tires. Too late. BAM.


A split second later I was sitting there in my seat, not moving, trying to breathe.




I smashed head on into a tree about 10" in dia. My seatbelt saved my life.

The rail frame is totaled as shown in that crappy pic taken with my phone a few minutes afterward. I'll take some more pics of the carnage when I clean up the mess later today.


The important part is, I'm ok. I have 2 bruises, 3" wide x 9 or so inches across my shoulders, and my chin is swollen quite a bit from when my head hit my chest. My back hurts, but I'm not dead.


Someone was watching over me.

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It sucks that the frame is totaled, but this gives us a chance to upgrade to get rid of that crapty torsion bar suspension, and build up a nice A-arm suspension all round.


Ride smoother, no rear camber issues, and give us like 2x the ground clearance (30" enough?), a ton more travel, and be a lot lighter to boot!


So... no engine rebuild this winter probably. Just have to bolt on the turbo and settle for that I guess.... lol

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