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vtec solenoid


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i think my vtec solenoid went out, but not sure, ive been looking for them and i cant find them online anywhere, are they called something different or do i need something else or what? heres what happened, tell me if you think its the solenoid and if so, where i can get one:

I was following this dude doing 20 in a 55 and i was following him for a while and like any other person, i was pretty pissed by the time we got to a passing zone, so i took off around him, it hit 7500 (vtec already engaged) and all of a sudden it lost power, not just a little, but a HUGE noticeable loss, and the check engine light came on, i made it around the guy and up the hill and took it easy the rest of the way home, i got home and shut it off, i called my dad out to see if he knew of anything practical for it, he said timing and i was like yea that makes sense, so i turned it on to see what itd do and i didnt get a check engine light, i took it out for a drive and i wanted to see if it would still pull like it usually does and where VTEC should engage, the check engine light came on, no vtec, but if you shut it off and turn it back on the check engine light goes away and its fine until you should have vtec, im kinda a newb to the whole vtec thing and i dont understand it fully so i was thinking about it and i came up w/ vtec solenoid just cuz of the CEL and where it came on, input? oh, and its a B16A2

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update: i was taking my gf to work, afterwards i was gonna head over to advance auto or auto zone or somewhere w/ an OBDII reader thing, so i went past where VTEC should have kicked, it didnt, but i didnt get a check engine light, so im not sure whats going on with it, im getting ready to just take it somewhere even without the check engine light to see what it says

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don't tell me you are going to throw in the towel before you even find out whats wrong with it?


get the code, do the research, its probably a little electronic sensor that costs $20 used and will take you 20 mins to replace, and you end up saving yourself $300 and you get to say you did it yourself and impress your GF

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so it wasnt throwing the check engine light till randomly today, so before i shut it off i found an advance auto w/ an OBDII diagnostics, turns out the guy who had the car before me and did the swap converted the motor to OBDI? but anyway its not OBDII but we stuck a paper clip in some green plug and shorted it together and the check engine light flashed out a 21 which im told is the vtec solenoid...what i thought was wrong in the first place, im having trouble finding one, right now im bidding on one on ebay, its the only place i can find one, parts stores dont have one and i havent checked the honda dealer yet cuz im scared its gonna be like 300 dollars, but if the one i get off ebay doesnt work, i dont really have a choice but to go to honda, any info on where to find a reliable solenoid?

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