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...my buddy Matt's 240SX. This was from the U.S. Drift competition for Hyperfest 2007 located at Summit Point in West Virginia. It is a damn fun event, I'm still debating on whether this year or last year was better. I was drunk off my ass this year, so I don't really know what I saw. Anyways, Matt owns Import Intelligence, great place for Nissan heads. Let me know what you think of the picture, I'm still unsure of how I like it. First off I was drunk and barely remember taking it, second I edited it a little differently, may have over done it a little.



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Yeah, I'm sure, this was me moments before.




I believe that shot was when the competition was over and everyone was f*cking around though. Here are some from the actual contest.





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Where's his helmet?


Yup, confirmation! That was when they were done and they were coming around to go podium, they all do burnouts and crap.


The other two were from the competition.

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