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new motorized vehicle


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i got caught up in the jeep thing up here......



it's a 1990 Jeep Cherokee, my wife bought it for me for $400. Nice looking truck no real problems with it. It's got the 4.0l high output, with 186K on it. Doesn't smoke, burn oil, or make any sounds at all it runs like a champ for its age.



By the end of sept i should have it looking something like this, it's a buddy of mines jeep



5.5" of lift, 35X12.5X15 Truxus Mud Terrains, ARB lockers front and rear, Geared with 4.56's, has a snorkel, and a Warn m8000 winch on a custom front bumper. Alot of toys in this truck.

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it slowly walked away from a 305... my buddy has a silverado and we were playin down the highway. the jeep surprizingly took him from 30-about 80

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happy for you!


i loved my jeep. had it for 6 years from 70k to 170k and never had a problem. best operating vehicle I ever owned. not many off-road oppurtunities in central ohio, but I went off road with it whenever I could. if its a 5spd that 4.0 will stomp alot of unsuspecting ricers with minimal effort. especially fun 4wd on damp roads and stop signs/lights


things I encountered with my 100k mileage ownership of my cherokee:


Waterpumps: went through three of them. they are abitch to change, although not as bad as a wp on a honda. you have to take the whole front end off, grill, radiator, upper body panel in front of the hood.

That crazy heater hose that makes a u-turn from the waterneck toward the back of the engine. That thing splits like nothing else. I think I put 3 or 4 of them on it.

If you drive it like I do, which is wot from nearly every stop you will eat u-joints. I did 4 sets in my 100k.

Rust: be sure to pull up the carpet in the front wheel wells and check. When I sold mine I had no floor pans at all, front or back seat. the seats bolt to the frame so no danger there, but the carpeting was just hanging there with no metal under it. I never fixed mine, I just pulled the rotten carpet out and put some steel panels off of computer servers I had and hammered them into a shape that fit the floor and laid them down. Worked well, but in ohio with the summer heat and not having insulation on the floor anymore I roasted.

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i'll have to look into that. but i never noticed anything wrong with it because up here the ydon't use salt so it helps keep some of the corrosion down. this thing is pretty quick though but it's not a 5sp so oh well.

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