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Le sigh.


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Sure, I understand it's expensive..and for that money you could get a fast ass car..


But Jesus I'd spend every penny necessary to get something like that.

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I don't get what the big deal is with NSX's. They aren't that fast, they handle great, but half the people who buy them do not buy them for the track use. Only thing I like about them is the way they look. Only reason I want one, is because when I am done school and am ready to buy a decent daily car, a used one won't be killer on the pockets. Until I have money for a used 996 GT2, haha, I wish.

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Like I said. They may not be the fastest thing.


But hell, even a JGTC styled widebody kit on a late model NSX or even NSX-R would be the absolute crape, son!

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