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screen name= 240, 240=nissan, honda forums=hondacura, why are you here? Wrong site or change your name, maybe civic ricer?




Sounds like you need to go on the f*cking pill dude.

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lol i dont drive a honda, you gonna hate on me too man?


the guy said he had a 2000 civic ex, maybe he just likes 240's.


anyways, welcome man.

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My bad, shiat just gets old.


What "shiat"? Trolls? Trolls who are generally domestic drivers when it comes to Honda related forums? How does this relate to a guy with a username relating to Nissans, but he obviously stated he drove a Civic. Four out of his nine words he typed were explaining that he drove a Civic, the other five stating he is new.


You definetly don't see many imports bashing imports, sure we have our differences, but not enough to troll and start crap on other forums, that's generally just a broad European versus Domestic versus Import. I've yet to see a non-Honda import driver troll on here, hell not even a European, only domestics. Although, domestics and Europeans tend to fight amungst their own kind more; you see Mopar, GM, and Ford go at it all the time as do Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

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