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Looky at what I just ordered...


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...knocking off one of the minor things from the checklist, so it is one less thing to worry about once we go to the bank and apply for the loan.


Prosport Amber/White Performance Mechanical Boost Gauge



Prosport Amber/White Performance Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge with Sender




Prosport Amber/White Performance Electical Oil Temperature Gauge



Prosport M20 Oil Filter Adapter Plate



Prosport 52mm Mounting Cups (3)


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I truthfully don't know, I don't work on my car. I bring all my work to my personal mechanic after hours, so I want to make installs as easy as possible on him, since he hooks me up with prices.

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Gauges will be layed out like the center ones on the dash.




Hopefully all that is left for the interior is new seats, steering wheel, shift boot, and changing the rest of the bulbs over to amber. Maybe powr windows and locks.

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If I have time tomorrow, I am going to work on a electronics and switch board; maybe a shift gate as well.


My idea for a switch panel, since I have the JDM center console. Slot for turbo timer, boost controller, on/off switch with green/red indicating lights for electronic cutoff (if I get one), and an on/off switch with green/red indicating lights for shutting down mobilized DVD viewing.




I would like to find a place to mount an iPod, since the double sided tape didn't work too well and my vents are receed too far.


The shift gate, I want to be like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but black plastic. I don't know if this will work, but I will try with cardboard tomorrow for a template. I'd love to do this, just because once I go boost, and as the car sits, it is far too valuable to meet to risk a misshift at the track, even though I am a real careful shifter now. They are ugly as sin though, so I might not make it.

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