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New Sol


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Oh n0s! I was gonna keep this a secret and just post up mad pics soon.


Sadly, I have not taken any pictures yet, but will do a photoshoot just for you guys tomorrow after work. I was gonna hold off until I had done a few things to it, but I guess I can show you where it's starting from. Then it gets inspected Tuesday and I get plates/insurance on it, and it's all good. Hopefully I can get rid of the CRX around that time, too. Just listed it for sale in a few places now.


By the way, the reason I bought it last night was cuz the radiator blew in the rex, and I didn't want to replace a $100 part in a car that I'll prolly end up selling for 5 or 6 hundred dollars, so I bought a new sol radiator and swapped the one in the new sol (buying it in the process) and then put the old sol radiator into the rex. So because of a crack in my radiator I spent $5,115 dollars last night, all told.

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So I didn't take any pictures of my new sol today. Sorry.


I was too busy conducting business with the rex. Some folks are coming to look at it tomorrow morning and it sounds like they really want it. And they wanna give me $750 for it. Score.


The sol gets inspected Tuesday and by then I'll have it registered and insured so I'll be able to drive it that afternoon. Then it gets a full detail and a photoshoot for your viewing pleasure.


Will update soon on both fronts.

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