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Week 6: What would you do?


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Eaton + 3800 = WOOT.


Prolly the fastest stock six cylinder grocery getter of it's time. A friend of mine has a Buick Regal GS, with that exact same setup (due to it being the exact same motor/blower/tranny setup as the grand prix) with a programmer..tuned..pullied, headers and exhaust, lighter rims (for the track run) and a couple other engine tweaks.


He went 13.0@110 then 12.9@114 with some meaty ass drag radials.

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Turbo + any 3.8L motor is great.. Take the wee-six 94/04 Mustang's for example..


Justin Starkey's factory internaled Twinturbo 3.8 is running 10's LOL.


A friend of mine has a four-door Grand Prix GTP that actually surprised me when he ran an 01 Mustang GT and the Stang couldn't pull on it, at least not much. Supercharged 3.8 was NASTY.

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