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Jrsc in the 13's?


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well It would take a lil bit more than a supercharger.

first step would be to upgrade the JRSC 5psi to a beefier 8-9psi next would be to upgrade the fuel system i.e. bigger fuel pump, bigger ingectors, upgraded fuel rail etc. next would be the exhaust more air in more air outto the exhaust  you could do header, cat back exhaust. next would be traction more power less traction some good slicks or drag radials like nittos would help you. last but not least upgrade cam you gotta remember cams are the mechanichal brains of our engines. if you would to do all this you can expect to be in the mid 13's most likely low 13's or high 12's if its a good driver.



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another thing to keep in mind, boost is boost.........JRSC are overpriced compared to a turbo capable of the same boost, and thats infinitly variable whereas the SC is limited by the costly pulleys that you have to purchase.....


downside of the turbo is lag, so on that hand, you could give a small shot of juice to spool a larger turbo, or get a smaller turbo(less top hp tho)


a lot of the kits out there for around 3k come with an intercooler, FMU, injectors etc(fmax, apex, turbonetics).....basically all the stuff True Si mentioned, and they are tuned for that kit which makes life a lot easier(but not easy in general...you still need to know what you're doing)


another option that i think i'm going to take, is getting the greddy kit(around 1500) and building from there......reason being, making a civic much over 200 hp will kill any chances of it being emissions legal in MA, and i dont feel like swapping out parts to get it to pass the sniffer(even though a boost controller can limit this) and also, rebuilding internals is costly....i'd rather buy a higher end car than drop too much into an economy car.

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Well youll be amazed to see a civic running in the 13's or 14's and still pass emissions with out problem adding bolt-ons to your car wont affect the emissions of your car what will affected is how well your car is tune and the condition of your engine has a lot to do too. Cause if you think about it most bolt-ons out there are street legal which means they dont affect the emissions of your car.

I also get your point of why spend thosends of dollard on an economy car well to most people can seem pointless but belive me when you Know you have a car that can take cars with sticker price twice as much yours you get the point.

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