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Its here!


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This is the acclaimed crx I was talking about in the classifieds post..


I bought the GSR engine a while back, a chipped P72 last month and finally got the crx shell today.


Ass backwords? Depends on who you ask lol...


Check it out





Outside is rust free which is deffinitly a plus, I am getting a bumper with it... I gues the guy forgot to throw it into the car before the tow truck picked it up...


As far as the interior...


I have alot of work ahead of me lol...(I wanted it basically gutted anyway but..)






I figure as far as the interior goes... Im gonna clean it up real nice, chip out all of that black sound deadening material, sand it down all smooth and paint it using black spraypaint...

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Its going to be a weekend driver,and im probably going to take driving lessons with it down at the track in limerock... I'll probably drag it once or twice... Im more into the track racing


I have my DX Coupe for my DD...


Its basically what I wanted... I only paid about 300 bucks for it...


Its an Si


The struts are blown, I need a bushing for the rack and pinion, corner lights,


I also have all of the interior plastic, so It shouldent be that bad once I get it backtogether

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I hope...


Now im just waiting to get paid next friday, than I send the wireing harness' to rywire and get my mounts and linkage...


Than its timing belt, water pump, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, oil (Trans and Regular oil), and maybe oil pump for the gsr


Than once it gets a tad bit warmer outside... puttin that bitch in there

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what color you doin



Im stuck between white and black. And a euro red I think would look pretty badass too... like the M3 red.


I kinda wanna do something diffrent with the base paint... I havent figured out what, black and white look pretty sick when done right... they are kinda common and plain tho...


I had a couple ideas... Like the really really dark beemer purple, or a super metallic silver...

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yeah really , fukin nasty ass. quarter panal on passenger side looks like its either full of fill or crinkled to hell. the car needs some work but its not that bad. as long as you have all the pieces you need.

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so it was just a bunch of random ass colors? damn, i liked that bmw i posted too




I saw the front of a beautiful red M3.


I thought that everyone was talking about the CRX LOL.


Worked for me.

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