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Washing your car inside..


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Well sees how my Prelude is my DD I had to drive her yesterday to work in about 2 feet of snow, she is as dirty as she can get and has some ice on her and im wanting to wash her inside the garage and I know Hung knows how to so give me tips and tell me the names of the products that I could just pick up at places like auto zone etc.. Thanks!

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There are no over the counter products to safely do this without scratching your finish. Optimum No Rinse is what I use and it basically lets you wash a panel, then dry that panel without rinsing. The formula is a no sudsing formula and really pulls the dirt off the car rather than it needing to be rinsed off. There are some places you can order the stuff, but it would be a few days before you could get the product.


Click the links below for more info about using the ONR....QEW is another product similar to ONR and is what's used in the second link. Same method for both products, although I've never used QEW personally.


ONR on Black G35


QEW on Silver Mazda (this link is much more detailed on the process)


You can order Optimum No Rinse from Excel Detail and I can't speak highly enough of the customer service at this place. They're also extremely competeive on their pricing and really fair on the shipping costs.

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