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Something is wrong with my breaks

Verbal Killa

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Ok im having problems with my breaks. Like When i hit the break. if u keep ur foot on it. the breaks starts goin down lower an LOWER till it hits the floor. an it wasnt that it was gettin too much air. they already checked it. they told me that there certain its the Break Booster or Break Master Cylinder. so like the only way too stop the car mainly is by pumpin the break once it hits down too far. wich isnt safe too drive. before the problem happened i was going about 60mph an i seen a DIP an when i hit the breaks the car didnt even bother too stop A LITTLE so i hit hard an ever since that i havent drove it anymore


so im wondering do u guys think that can be it? has anyone ever had this problem?


any help please an is the job hard too do?


by the way i have a Honda Civic dx 1994 ls



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It's not extremely hard, not extremely easy either. Most important thing is to make sure you bleed the entire brake system afterwards. Pick up a Haynes/Chilton manual beforehand if you're planning on attempting it yourself.

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*Most* of shops won't replace with parts you bought. The best parts are always going to be OEM, due to price considerations many people choose to use Autozone and the like. It is ultimately your call though. Call around and see is the best advice I can give you if you don't want to tackle the job yourself.

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to my del sol happens the same thing than your car, i replaced master cilinder for a new one for other car and finally I got buy a second new one in honda dealer because the last one was damaged, 300 € was the price, the guy that sell me the master cilinder dont tell me true about the good condition of this piece,the brakes now works perfect.

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