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almost jacked

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about 3 weeks ago my car was almost stolen. i have a car alarm which is what saved it. at about 630 in the morning two guys with screwdrivers pried open my driver door lock and opened the driver door. they set off the alarm which woke me up and they ran off to a car that was idling across the street and drove away. since then ive had to fill my driver door lock with super glue to keep it from being opened with a screwdriver. what are some inexpensive ways to safeguard my car more. im trying to save up for a lojack system.


my loss would have been this:

-Two Black tenso-r bucket seats

-1995 obd1 GSR engine

-Competition street clutch

-Competition aluminum flywheel

-JDM GSR transmission

-Skunk2 intake manifold

-Skunk2 66mm Race throttle body

-Skunk2 titanium adjustable cam gears

-Skunk2 OBD@ to OBD1 conversion harness

-P28 ECU upgrade

-Skunk2 spark wire cover

-NGK Type R spark plugs

-AEM cold air intake for 2000 civic SI

-DC civic SI headers 4-2-1

-OEM Type R throttle cable with bracket

-Apex VAFC2 vtec controller

-650 watt kicker sound system

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if you do a kill switch make sure the splice is in between the fire wall so they cant see that youve spliced the wires.


put a boot on your car hahaha


get bullet proof glass so they cant break it


hook a 12 guage up to a sensored relay pointed towards the feet of intruders so they cant run away and you can kick their ass in the morning for trying, or mount it under the driver seat and hook it up so if the ignition is started with out the correct key it engages the sawed off :)

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actually with lojack, thieves are able to take your car AWAY from your property but whenever you report it missing, authorities can then locate it and i think they can also shut down the car. Anyway, I would suggest just take out 1 ignition wire when you sleep for the night LOL


I have the best alarm and it cost me a tad under a grand. :)

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lo-jack doesnt do much, if someone steals a honda in most cases they just want to strip it. if they do strip it everything is gone before the cops find the car anyways. plus its not hard to spot a car with lo-jack if you know where to look. its just as easy as bypassing a normal alarm. most my anti-theft stuff is home made and works better then aftermarket systems just because everything is very un common and thieves dont know to look for it. in any case ignition wire or not you can just jump the starter with one wire from the battery.

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