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Overdrive Ratio(5th gear) repost


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I am reposting a question about my transmission. I drive a 98 Civic EX 5 speed manual and I want to know if there is a company that makes gear sets for transmissions. I understand that my 5th gear ratio is 0.70:1 and I want to change it with a gear set that is lower in number in an effort to reduce engine speed and increase gas milage. If anyone knows of any company that might have or would be able to fabricate such a gear set I would like to know. I am in the process of calculating the ratio I want to put in it.

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ok, I've done the math and I have decided that I don't want to change my final drive I want to change 5th gear and I understand that I have a .70:1 5th ratio.

I've done the math and I need a .50:1 5th gear ratio.


My question now is WHERE can I find it???


Would anyone be able to get it or make it if need be...?

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You have a .702 5th.


All other Civic's have a .702 5th.


You can put in a .694 from a CRX HF.


Anything you do will be a waste of money.


You'd get better mileage just by swapping your trans for a longer geared CX/DX/LX transmission.

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