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? about clutch and vtec controller


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Whats up, i got some questions and im sure you have heard them a thousand times but oh well,

# 1 Im going to put my GSR engine in a hatch but before i do that i want to put a racing clutch in it so i dont have to put one in after its in the car. Is there like a certain type i need for my first racing clutch? I dont get all that stage 2 , stage 3, stage 37, or whatever so if you know anything or have good suggestions on good ones, please help me out.


#2 this guy said he would sell me a vtec controller for 75 bucks. I know what it does but is it a big help and worth the money? I read on a website that it doesnt really do too much of a big help unless you have lots of other mods is that true. Because i have a stock gsr engine and i want to do crap to it before i find a hatch to put it in. If you can answer these questions or tell me some good mods to do that arn't to damn exspensive, i would appreciate it. thanks.

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if the gsr tranny has a good clutch in it, leave it alone.


which controller is it? if it's a v-afc and works, take it. you won't need it right now, unless you're showing and want the extra mod, but it'd be a good deal, and you could always sell it for more later on should you not use it.

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