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warning light problem

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I have a situation with respect to warning lights on my 09 Honda CRV. On occasion, my VSA and Check Engine light will illuminate. When illuminated, the vehicle jerks quite violently when I try to accelerate. If I park the care and turn the it off and start it again, only the check engine light illuminates and the car functions normally. 

Sometimes, I'll start the car and only the check engine light illuminates, and it seems that the car operates normally when this is the case. When I drive for a short while, the two aforementioned lights will illuminate and the cycle continues. 

And sometimes I'll start the car and everything seems normal. So although it's happening a lot, it's not happening 100% of the time.

I should mention one other thing that may be related. I had our front and rear struts and a sway bar linkage replaced and the problem appeared right away. Is this a coincidence, I'm not sure.

Anyone have helpful insight?


Thanks in advance.

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