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Noob entering club, whatch out!


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I'm new hear as of last night. I don't have a honda yet but I'm thinking about getting this 93 hatch and going to town on it!

I have an AWD DSM right now and I'm looking to get a civic as my daily.

I was reading an old issue of HCI where they got 275 WHP from a B16a and junkyard turbo parts. I've got lots of extra parts that I would like to throw on a B16a when I get it: Turbo, FMIC, 450 injectors from my DSM, and an inline fuel pump. Then buy a V-SAFC and FMU and possibly Alcohol injection to see what I can get out of it. They did their test at 10 psi on race gas.

I was just wondering what kinda times a hatch would be good for with slicks and at least 275 WHP?

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