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Brand new CRV hybrid already broken

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Little back story bought a 2023 CRV Hybird in December and has 4500 miles, car working fine and one day every single warning light on the dash went off, been into Honda multiple times and they currently have the car but they’re stumped on what’s wrong with the car, they’re ordering a new throttle body for one code but can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the car to set off the rest, and OBD 2 isn’t reading anything else. The car has also been going into limp mode and will reset if you turn the car on an off. I’m stumped. Maybe a lemon? Any thoughts? 

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They should give you a new car or something.  Good thing it is under warranty.  And yes, look into the lemon laws if they are taking too long to fix it.  You shouldn't have to be without your car for more than a month, even if they give you a loaner.

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