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2002 Hondea CRV rear window wiper

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The rear wiper blade does not see e adjusted to clear the main part of there rear window. I stops motion to the left a little post midway the window, there is a significant amount of the window not touched or cleared

The blade when off does rest against a stop behind the spare tire, the blade when at rest is in a spot marked behind where the blade is, I do not know if there was something under the blade before but now there is a rectangular area surrounding it.

I am wondering if the base can be adjusted for travel so it clears the entire window where the defrost grid shows. If I knew how I would attach a picture of what it looks like. By the appearance it is where it belongs,  but by its operation does not seem to travel correctly.



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It seems I get to answer my own questions! I looked at the way the blade was situated and all looked like it was correct. I somehow got a number for a Rain-X per wiper blade and checked two all known auto parts stores who did not have that. Even the book for Rain-x blades does not show the blade to use for a rear window. So I checked Wally World and despite my local store not having any the one I was at did have one I finally located. 

I had a time getting the old one off, not Rain=x and I do not think the proper one anyway. The blade was torn. I finally got the new blade on and it does seem to travel across the window further than the old one. Maye it nears friction holding it up, but at the same spot all the time?

Now to try to fix a few other problems.

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