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Wiring Identification Help

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2002 Honda CRV: The SRS warning light is on all the time, I found a way to silence it but have not done that yet. What I do need help with is identifying a wire and plug loose inside the fuse panel next to the steering wheel. The connector is red I think, the two wires are yellow. 

Since the SRS light is on I would at first surmise the plug is to be connected to a SRS spot on the fuse panel. but I do not know which spot. Kind of hate to plug it into one and see what happens. Be nice to have a wiring diagram - do not have a Chliton or Hynes book for that vehicle, owned in maybe two weeks now.

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I was wrong! it is a yellow connector with a green and blue wire, apparently by reading other websites posts (not this forum) that is the connector  I need to clear the SRS warning light, just need to read the procedure again - that connection is only for that purpose, it does not have pins as other connection, it merely sits in a holding spot until needed.

Basically it need to get a paperclip or pieces of wire that fit the holes and short out the connection using a specified procedure-- that is what I need to learn.


I just bought his car recently and am discovering a few problems, none major at present. 1) STS warning light 2) Engine codes that indicate the catalytic converter system efficiency is low 3) the drivers side front door lock control for other doors does not work, 4) rear defroster does not work - a previous owner scraped off window tint off with a razor blade and not only apparently cut some of the circuit wires but scratched the glass pretty bad. I checked very quickly about continuity from one terminal on the rear view window to the other and rich, and did not get power at the terminals when ignition with on to accessory.

All fuses for all the above look good, I know they can look good and be bad though.

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