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Want to buy a new 2022 Accord Hybrid Sport


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Soooo here’s the deal.  I want to buy a new Honda Accord hybrid sport with a few added accessories but nothing crazy.  Long story short, everything I want, out the door pricing is around $36,400-36,800 roughly (before any negotiation off the msrp).  My credit is around 800 give or take, I have $6,200to put down, and I will get financing from my credit union which Honda has already confirmed the cannot beat in most cases but can maybe match.

The problem is I’m currently paying for a cybersecurity bootcamp and still have $6200 left to pay and I cannot afford to pay them and a car payment but I have to have a 22 model bc the new 23 models completely suck.

my question is, given my situation how  feasible is it for a dealer to give me the $6,200 off the OTD price of the car after we negotiate off the msrp so that I can buy the car and take my down payment money and pay off bootcamp so I don’t have the 2 payments at the same time?  If a dealer can get me under $30,500 for the car I will gladly finance through Honda as well for at 6 years.  I got no issue throwing them that bone if I can get a great amount off the OTD price off the exact car I really want.

do you think this is possible?  I live in Charlotte NC BTW.  Thoughts on my proposal???


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