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Hf swap w D15B non vtec obd0 to obd1 NO START


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Need a little help. Having a no crank, no start condition on my 89 Honda CRX Hf. In the midst of doing a D15B engine and transmission swap. Which entails quite a bit. I purchased this vehicle not running, basically no motor and no tranny. So we are switching in a D15B non vtec set up. And converting from the Hf's obd0 to obd1 ecu and obd1 engine and tranny (obd1 distributor, ecu, etc).

So far what we have done is replaced engine and tranny (with modified mounts). We kept original Hf obd0 wiring harness and ran jumper harnesses (purchased off ebay and amazon) between 1-the Hf harness and the obd1 distributor 2-the Hf harness and a P06 ecu (obd1). 3-To a 4-wire o2 sensor. We also changed the fuel injector connectors on the Hf harness (Taken from the wiring harness off of the D15B) being sure to treat the yellow w black stripe wire as power. Tested the injectors and we are getting power to the injectors. Isolated the ignitor (green connector/I've seen it described as the "resistor wires" in other forums).

Battery is good. Starter is also good. When we jump the starter directly is actuates initially but does not crank engine over. Engine does turn freely by hand. Replaced the main relay and the fuel pump: so when I turn the key in the ignition, the main relay clicks and the fuel pump can be head powering on. But still no crank no start. 

There aren't many people or at least I haven't been able to find any info on this particular swap D15B (non vtec) most people do the B-series swaps or if they do a D-series it's a vtec option. 

If anyone has any idea or inputs as to why it won't crank or start please let me know. I'm thinking maybe ECU is bad?










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