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    fixing my damn crx

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    1989 Honda CRX Hf
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    Swapped in a D15B motor and tranny/but no crank no start idk
  1. Hello Need a little help. Having a no crank, no start condition on my 89 Honda CRX Hf. In the midst of doing a D15B engine and transmission swap. Which entails quite a bit. I purchased this vehicle not running, basically no motor and no tranny. So we are switching in a D15B non vtec set up. And converting from the Hf's obd0 to obd1 ecu and obd1 engine and tranny (obd1 distributor, ecu, etc). So far what we have done is replaced engine and tranny (with modified mounts). We kept original Hf obd0 wiring harness and ran jumper harnesses (purchased off ebay and amazon) between 1-the Hf ha
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