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Civic troubles


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I have a 2001 Honda Civic that I am having issues with running. The car starts up perfectly fine but within a couple minutes the idle drops and the engine sounds like it is about to cut off but then it comes back and it will do this for a couple of minutes before the engine starts to get warm. Once it gets warm the car runs fine. But on the occasion it will still do it when the engine is warm. I have taken the throttle body off and cleaned it, put a new idle air control valve, map sensor and throttle position sensor on it. The clutch went bad and I wasn’t able to have it fixed right about so the car sat for about months. Had the clutch installed and didn’t even get down the road before it started doing all of this. I took it back to the Guys who installed the clutch and they couldn’t figure it out.  I’m uploading a video to show what it is doing. I don’t want to spend any more money on parts until I know for sure what it’s doing. 

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Is it throwing any codes? Almost sounds like the pcm can't read the idle speed did you perform the "idle learn procedure" after disconnecting the battery? If the battery was dead or disconnected the pcm "forgets" where the fuel/air mix is set so you have to perform the "idle learn procedure." It's been a while since we sold my wife's2003 civic but the principle is the same. try this

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If the the learn procedure doesn't help, you may want to look into an issues my wife had on her 2003 civic.


At about 188,000 miles the catalyst inside of the catalytic converter crumbled and since it's oriented in a vertical manner the particles that fell down clogged up the "honeycomb" and kicked an O2 code. It lost power and stalled out for the first time since we owned it. That's when I knew something was up.  I replaced the O2 sensor and it still stalled.

Come to find out that the manifold/cat is one piece and Honda wanted $725.00+ for a replacement so we found one on ebay for $300.

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