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new battery and alternator. car still drains battery and only stays running for maybe a couple minutes?

Tiffany Culbertson

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Can anyone else out there assist with what I'm experiencing? I put a new battery and alternator in my car. It still drains the battery down from 12 to 5 in a matter of minutes. I also changed the starter and temp gauge. I had a diagnostic ran, they said it was electrical. I'm just wondering if putting more time and money in it is the best option. It was purchased from a used dealer not even 30 days ago. It's a $2k car that I'm definitely attracted to. I haven't even gotten the title switched into my name yet. What should I do?

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Check to see if glovebox light is on. if so make sure latch that holds the GB shut is tight (two screws) if those are tight check switch, if switch is working and not loose pull bulb and see if battery holds charge.

If GB is not the problem then check door jamb switches (that turn on dome/courtesy lights) if door jamb switches are ok then check the cargo light in the trunk same as GB.

if all of abobe is okay check to see if the garage door opener is transmitting (button stuck) if so equipped.

Hope this helps

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Check the battery cable for corrosion...The corrosion looks like a turquoise patina on the bare wire portion near the positive terminal. The starter will not receive enough voltage to energize the starter.

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