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When to Replace Timing Belt?

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Today I had my wife's 2011 Accord with the V6 and 67,000 miles, in for some routine service. The service advisor told me it was time the timing belt be changed, and while they are doing that the water pump would also be changed. $950.

He said Honda recommends this service be done at the 7 year mark or at 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

I cannot find anything in the owner's manual about this.

Thoughts? Advice?


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If you are the original owner then you know how the vehicle has been/is driven daily whether or not it is driven hard or pampered. I recommend between 80,000/100,000 myself but keep in mind that this is a preventative measure that skipping over can cost you far more than $950 if it breaks on you while driving. Regardless of which maintenance schedule you fall under it should be about the same mileage for this service which does include the water pump since it is driven by the timing belt. If the price tag is to high you can order the parts and have them replaced elsewhere at a lower cost but, if you have a warranty through Honda check to see if this would void it before going this route. Remember the dealership will always try to up-sale you on parts/service since this is where most dealerships actually make their biggest profits. In closing if the car has had a rough life so far then preventive maintenance is your friend, but if you've pampered it then you might want to put if off long enough to budget for the repair but it's just a rubber belt and it won't last forever. The most I've gotten out of a factory timing belt was 178,000K but that was an extreme case for me as I run 'em hard.

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