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99 Honda Accord


The first signs of trouble was driving it on the highway for about 20 minutes and upon coming to a stop light and trying to accelerate the car wouldn't go. Shifted to natural and back to D4 tires spun but finally the car took off... let the car rest a few days and drove it literally around the corner to Orileys and got code "P0730" let the car rest again a few days around the block a few times. It again seemed to knock out off gear. When I got home I put the car into reverse and parked and cut the car off.. now when I put the car in ant gear the car just rolls backwards. I just purchased the car on last Friday. Not sure if it's worth stating but every light works except when it's in D4.

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A quick search turns up this data on that odb-II code. Although my experience as a tow truck driver tells me you may want to look into an often over looked problem that may also cause this type of failure. Look under the hood at where the selector cable goes from the firewall to the transmission itself and look at where it "snaps" onto the selector "butterfly" of the transmission and see if it's broke /loose or disconnected. It's not a guaranteed fix but if you just need a new cable it's a lot cheaper than a pcm/tcm replacement. If you were on the highway and the selector was not fully engaging into D4 this could cause the code by throwing the driver demanded rpms out of sync with the wheel speed output of the tires because the cable may have only been in D3 physically. Since these systems are monitored electronically there's no way for the system to see a stretched/broken selector cable and thus the PCM throws a code in order to get attention drawn to this area of the drivetrain. Hope this helps.


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