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Hi All - I just got a 02 Civic Ex and got rid of my 91 Accord. I'm a girl so go easy on me! Somehow I have managed to get gum all over my back bumber. Any suggestions on how to get it off without messing up the paint? I was thinking about gas...what do you guys suggest? Second, I put a Honda half-nose mask on the civic and it's melting to the headlights..have you guys heard of this happening before?? I thought it was supposed to be leather, but apparantly it's not. Ok, last question. My challange for this weekend is taking off all of the pin stripes. Is this hard or do they come off easily, I'm hoping it won't take too long since I just got the civic in Feb. Ok, my last question. Do you know of any mods that I can do without voiding the factory warranty. My parents thought it would be so sweet of them to buy me an extended warranty, without asking so now I'm stuck with a 7 year warranty! Don't you just love parents!! Anyway, thanks upfront for the advice!



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hey, welcome to the site. DONT USE GASOLINE ON THE PAINT!

try something like goo-gone. they sell it at wal mart. it's supposed to be safe for cars. not sure about removing the stripes.

a cold air intake and cat back exhaust wont void the warranty. they give you a little more power and a better sound. i'm not sure if they make headers yet for the 02 civic, but they will also give you a little more hp and not void the warranty. a short shifter is a good investment too. it will shorten the throw between gears so you can shift quicker. get some lightweight aftermarket rims. every pound of rotational weight is equal to 8 lbs of dead weight. reducing weight will make the car quicker and improve mpg. good luck removing the gum :)

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