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Buying a CRX


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Hello I'm pretty new to car building and everything and I saw that the best chassis to have to build a fast car is a Honda crx. I won't be starting this building project until the summer time since I have school and a lot of other things however I just want some suggestions on what Honda crx I should buy. Their is one Honda crx with automatic transmission however it is shot and the owner says I have to use its triptronic to drive the car this means to go from 1 to 2 to D. The other one is a really good condition Honda crx however it is manual transmission and I don't really know how to drive manual( because I'm literally a new driver and is it hard to drive manual?). Right now I just need a car to get me from work to school and everywhere I want to go so is the triptronic car still able to do all of that with no problem? Or should I go with the manual and just learn how to drive manual?

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The manual would be the better option to go with. Find a friend who knows how to drive stick and practice for a day. After a weeks time you will get used to it. The manual would be the better option especially if you are planning to track or autocross the car. Besides you don't want to dump money on a car that doesn't have a proper working automatic transmission. Another plus with the stick is you can rebuild it. Automatics are really difficult to rebuild.

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