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    Hello I'm pretty new to car building and everything and I saw that the best chassis to have to build a fast car is a Honda crx. I won't be starting this building project until the summer time since I have school and a lot of other things however I just want some suggestions on what Honda crx I should buy. Their is one Honda crx with automatic transmission however it is shot and the owner says I have to use its triptronic to drive the car this means to go from 1 to 2 to D. The other one is a really good condition Honda crx however it is manual transmission and I don't really know how to drive manual( because I'm literally a new driver and is it hard to drive manual?). Right now I just need a car to get me from work to school and everywhere I want to go so is the triptronic car still able to do all of that with no problem? Or should I go with the manual and just learn how to drive manual?

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