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This chick can't start her honda accord lxi. HELP!!!

Mary Jones Miller

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I own a 89 Honda Accord Lxi and I recently have been having some issues with the car. I will tell you about my issue and HOPEFULLY one of you fellas can help me out. Recently when I get in the car to start it I some times would have to turn the car off and on (turn the key back and forth) to get it to start. Well I recently moved from SC to GA and during the last 3 weeks my honda sat at a friends house where she did not start it at all. (I am not to happy about that at all). When I went to pick up my Honda on saturday I got absolutely nothing when I tried to start it. I figure it was just the battery and that the battery had been drained. So I went and bought a new battery. The head lights come on and are super bright and the interior lights come on as well. There are NO dash lights at all and the car will not start. I even thought it may be the battery terminals so I replaced those as well. Also I will go ahead and say that at times I have time getting the key out the ignition (mostly when its cold or hot). It will not crank either I ended up having the car towed home to GA and still no luck with her starting. I really hope someone can help me bc this chick can not figure it out. I know you fellas have to know something, at least I hope. Thank you in advance for any advice and I look forward to having my wheels again.

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If its turning over but not starting then try tapping on the main relay while turning the key at the same time. If that doesn't work then go into your distributor and pull the ignition module out and take it to an autozone. They can test it for you and tell you if it's bad. If the cars not even turning over then it's probably your starter or possibly the ignition switch.

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