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    2006 Honda CR-V EX AWD
  1. smoothmover

    LED Light Bar

    I am planning to install a Westin LED Light Bar on my 2006 Honda CR-V EX AWD. Is this a durable brand?
  2. smoothmover


    Their may be a ground in the window fuses.
  3. smoothmover

    Engine Dies in Idle

    There's something wrong I think with your Idle Air Control valve.
  4. smoothmover

    1999 honda van defrost won't work help

    The mode control motor may not be working.
  5. smoothmover

    All Honda sevice manuals in one place

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. smoothmover

    This chick can't start her honda accord lxi. HELP!!!

    Have you had the alternator checked?
  7. smoothmover

    Car smells rich and MPG have lowered

    Check your car for vacuum leaks.
  8. smoothmover

    Engine Water damage

    How about drying the engine with a leaf blower?
  9. smoothmover

    Steering feels loose even tho mechanic says it's fine

    You may have worn suspension components. Have it checked.
  10. smoothmover

    Newbie from Vegas

    I have noticed that too. That's so sad!
  11. smoothmover

    Poor Fuel Economy

    Well the Honda Accord especially a 6-cylinder, is actually not known for its efficient fuel economy. Changing the fuel filter might help.
  12. smoothmover

    05 honda civic cranks but don't start

    Is he sure that it's not an issue with the starter?
  13. smoothmover

    Accelerator replaced, now SRS light won't go off

    Maybe the mechanic accidentally pulled a fuse for the SRS system while performing troubleshooting.
  14. smoothmover

    Cheap, Swaps for 2002 SI

    Install a cold air intake and a new exhaust system.
  15. smoothmover

    Turbo 1992 civic si

    For starters. I suggest that you install it with a Cold Air Intake to increase acceleration and horsepower. Eventually you can also decide to swap the engine.

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